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I’m a healer

Get ready, people.  This will knock your shoes off!

I got a letter from one of our prayer partners, a woman in Tennessee. PRAISE GOD!  The letter speaks for itself. I’ve included excerpts below.

“I sent you $100.00 a week for two months…I questioned…whether I should send the checks…later, all became clear to me…I didn’t know what had happened to me…I’m now walking again, thanks to you…PRAISE GOD!”

Our God is good to us.  He heals us when our bodies are broken. Did you see what she wrote? “I’M NOW WALKING AGAIN, THANKS TO YOU.”

Please note: She QUESTIONED WHETHER SHE SHOULD’VE SENT THE CHECKS! She almost seems to be apologizing for doubting. Well, now that she’s walking again, no apologies required. She just needs to PRAISE THE LORD!!

We needed her testimony, and we need yours, too. Please write and share your testimony or a gift (cash or money order only, please), and increase the prestige and/or the finances here at Rubbet’s ChapelTM.

We need your dollars, so we can continue to heal the sick. If not for your donations (cash or money order only, please), I wouldn’t be able to serve God full-time, and that would be truly awful. Sow your seed of faith today, dear friend, and just sit back and wait for God to shower you with financial blessings and physical healings.

Send your love offerings (cash or money order only, please) to:

Reverend Quigley Rubbet
c/o Rubbet’s ChapelTM
125 Long Dirt Road
Pine Beetle, Georgia EIEIO

Before sending funds, please see important legal information here.

Praise GOD!


7 Responses

  1. Guess what, Rubbet? I found that woman and got a copy of the original letter. I’m posting it here, with your misleading excerpts in bold and underlined.

    I sent you $100.00 a week for two months, against my better judgment.

    I questioned your honesty and whether I should send the checks, or just send cash, the way you kept begging me to.

    Two months later, all became clear to me. I called and one of your whores answered the phone, giggling and half drunk. I was stunned. Until that very moment, I didn’t know what had happened to me, that you’d cheated me.

    I’m now walking again, thanks to you, and to my stupidly sending you $800. The bank repossessed my car. The day you go to jail, I will PRAISE GOD!


    I guess you never figured anyone would track down your “prayer partner” (victim). What do you say to that, you lying asshole?

    I love the way you imply this woman got a “healing” because she sent you $800. She got nothing for her money, except her car repossessed.

    You also wrote that, without donations, you wouldn’t be able to “…serve God full-time.” Translated, Reverend, that means, “Send cash, so I don’t have to get a fucking job.”

    Rev. Quiklee Rubbet, may I remind you? You’re not God; you’re just a clinically insane individual who claims to represent God on earth.

    Another thing, you dumb shit: The phrase is “…knock your SOCKS off,” not shoes. Don’t even try to be cool. It’s not gonna happen.

    You make me sick, you lowlife POS.

    • Oh, Human Person Junior, Jr., I think I detect the evil hand of Satan working in your life. Or maybe you just hate the Little Baby Jesus.

      First off, my name is Quigley Rubbet, not “Quiklee.” But I’m sure you already knew that. You’re just trying to hold me up to public ridicule.

      I just serve the Lord the best way I know how, here at Rubbet’s ChapelTM.
      It’s my mission in life to show others it’s OK to love Jesus.

      As for that faked-up “original letter” of yours, I deny the allegations, and I bitterly resent the allegators! It’s a lie, put out by the DEVIL!! I’m a good man, I tell you, a man of the cloth.

      Oh, yes, about the money: I surely do love to get donations, because it means I can do what I truly love, that is, SERVING THE LORD. It’s too bad Satan took away your spiritual sight. Otherwise, you would clearly see that.

      Please don’t post any more vicious comments here, humanpersonjr.

    • I feel sorry for you, Demon Person Junior, Jr. Do you kiss your family members with that potty mouth of yours?

      I’m the reverend’s assistant here at Rubbet’s ChapelTM. I’d be glad to assist Rev. Rubbet in suing your no good ass in state court.

      Like the reverend said, it sounds like Satan is directing your life. Stay off our church’s website, you deliberately devious, deceptive demon!!

    • Well, Human Person Junior, Jr., it looks like you’re outnumbered and outclassed by the soldiers of the Lord. You keep your lying, slandering self away from the reverend. If you don’t stay away, we have ways of dealing with the likes of you.

      Wake up, Human Person Junior, Jr. Satan has you in his power. Wake up!! Come to Rubbet’s ChapelTM and get your salvation.


  2. Rubbet, you can kiss my white fucking ass. Is that plain enough for you?

    You wrote, “It’s my mission in life to show others it’s OK to love Jesus.”

    So, I must assume that you named your dick Jesus, and that you’re teaching others it’s OK to love Jesus (your dick). Your “flock” is 97% female, and from what they told me, you’ve fucked every one of ’em, repeatedly and often. You and those deacons of yours even tag-teamed a couple of ’em.

    Why couldn’t you name your dick something normal, like Little Elvis? Or Gigantor?

    Some of the women said you wouldn’t allow them to “join the flock” until you’d performed a “detailed physical examination” on them. What the fuck is up with that?

    What’s the deal, were you trying to make sure they’re “flockable?”

    So, you’re a man of the cloth? Yeah? Well, considering how much fucking you do, would I be correct that the “cloth” in question is a bedsheet?

    As for Satan taking away my “spiritual sight,” get this, asshole: There is no Satan and there’s no such thing as “spiritual sight.” That’s just bullshit, a bunch of meaningless words you invented to separate your pathetic followers from their hard-earned cash.

    Suck my nuts, Rubbet.

    • I’m not going to discuss this any further, you agent of Satan on Earth. Just you wait until the Rapture, little man, Mr. Human Person Junior, Jr. Your pathetic self will be stuck here in the Tribulation, while my posse and I will be gently wafted up, up, up to the very bosom of Our Father, which art in Heaven.

      Stop posting your vicious, Satanic comments, I implore you.

    • HPJ, Jr., you’re speaking the truth. I was once a sister of the flock at Rubbet’s ChapelTM.

      I remember my detailed physical examination like it was yesterday. To be fair to Rubbet, though, I must admit I sort of initiated the exam.

      On another occasion, Rubbet called in Deacon Long and Deacon Longer, and, before you knew it, they were all, shall we say, taking care of my earthly needs. WHEW!! It’s geting warm in here. I’d better think about something else, maybe open a window!

      Anyhow, yes, Human Person Junior, Jr., they are crooks, but you’ll never get me to testify against them. They were always quick to bail me out of jail when the coppers arrested me (on the same street corner where Rubbet put me out, with instructions not to call to be picked up until I had at least $250. I always wipe my chin after typing that.)

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