• Rubbet’s Chapel

    Come worship with us!
    Rubbet's Chapel
    125 Long Dirt Rd.
    Pine Beetle, GA EIEIO

    My solemn promise to you:
    I'll treat your wife like she's my very own. Count on it!

    You'll feel the difference!


You might think you arrived here by chance.

Perhaps you clicked a link at another site. Or maybe you think a friend led you here, by recommending these pages.


You couldn’t be more wrong, my friend.

The Good Lord sent you here, so that you might read and pray. Once you’ve had time to reflect on my words, I know that God will lead you to help us financially, cash or money order only, please.

Please see Important Legal Information here.

I know, I know… Times are tough, and money is in short supply. Well, my brothers and sisters in Christ, all that is true, but the number of days left unto us are also in short supply. It could be mere days or weeks before God raptures the righteous into Heaven, leaving behind the chaff, the unworthy, to suffer through the Tribulation.

I don’t want you to be left behind, my friend. I want you to join me, Deacon Long, Deacon Longer and the rest of us here at Rubbet’s Chapel, as we’re all swept up and into the loving arms of Our Father, which art in Heaven. PRAISE GOD!!

When you’re ready to make that love offering (cash or money order only, please), and show God you’re serious and that you don’t want to be left behind, here’s the address:

Reverend Quigley Rubbet
c/o Rubbet’s ChapelTM
125 Long Dirt Road
Pine Beetle, GA EIEIO

Please, before sending donations, see Important Legal Information here.

Praise the Lord. Thank you for making it possible for us to work full-time for God.

2 Responses

  1. What a crock of bovine feces! Your first blog entry and already you’re whining about money?

    Please retitle this post. Make it read: “Too Lazy to Work, Send Cash!”

    You preachers…

  2. You wrote: “Thank you for making it possible for us to work full-time for God.”

    Allow me to translate, please… “Thank you for standing between me and the very real possibility that I might have to go out and actually get a job, and it might, God forbid, even require heavy lifting.”

    You assholes wouldn’t accept a job in a pie factory.

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